2017 Summer

Algorithmic Combinatorics Seminar, Summer 2017
Time: Wednesday, 14:00 - 16:00

Place: Seminar room castle, RISC, Hagenberg


Date Speaker(s) Title
08-Mar-2017 Peter Paule Symbolic Functionology: Ramanujan and Computer Algebra - Part 1
15-Mar-2017 Peter Paule, Symbolic Functionology: Ramanujan and Computer Algebra - Part 2
22-Mar-2017 Yahui Diane Shi The Rogers-Ramanujan-Gordon Type Theorem for Overpartitions
05-Apr-2017 Antonio Jimenez Pastor Symbolic Integration: The Risch Differential Equation
26-Apr-2017 Jakob Ablinger Mellin transform and inverse Mellin transform
03-May-2017 Silviu Radu Eta quotients and Lambert series
10-May-2017 Nicolas Smoot Modular Forms and Associated Congruences: Applying Sturm's Theorem to eta Qotients
17-May-2017 Liangjie Ye Proving Jacobi Theta Function Relations with Generalizations in the First Variable z
31-May-2017 Silviu Radu Implementation of a Method to Write Eta Quotients in Terms of Lambert Series
07-Jun-2017 Johannes Midekke Applications of the Hermite Normal Form
14-Jun-2017 Ralf Hemmecke Algebraic Relations among Eta Functions
28-Jun-2017   SFB meeting Vienna