2017 Winter

Algorithmic Combinatorics Seminar, Winter 2017
Time: Wednesday, 14:00 - 16:00

Place: Seminar room castle, RISC, Hagenberg


04-Oct-2017 Peter Paule  q-Series and Modular Functions: A Basic Introduction
11-Oct-2017 Ali Uncu  On Heights of q-Rising Factorials and More
18-Oct-2017 No seminar - ESI workshop  
25-Oct-2017 No seminar - Cigler's 80th birthday  
08-Nov-2017 Bruce C. Berndt  Ramanujan's Lost Notebook: History and Content
15-Nov-2017 No seminar - ESI workshop  
22-Nov-2017 Antonio Jimenez Pastor  DD-Finite functions: an extension for D-Finite Functions. Representation and Computation
29-Nov-2017 Nicolas Smoot  The Computation of Ramanujan--Kolberg Identities
06-Dec-2017 No seminar -  SFB status seminar  
13-Dec-2017 Silviu Radu, Liangjie Ye  Computation of the q-expansion of Eta-quotients at Rational Points 
10-Jan-2018 Evans Ocansey  Nested products over roots of unity in difference rings
17-Jan-2018 No seminar  
24-Jan-2018 Zafeirakis Zafeirakopoulos  Some simple observations on Ehrhart Polynomials, Vector Partition Function and Minkowski Decomposition
31-Jan-2018 Carsten Schneider  Highlights of a recent difference ring theory