2022 Summer

Algorithmic Combinatorics Seminar, Summer 2022
Time: Wednesday, 14:00 - 16:00

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Date Speaker(s) Title
09-Mar-2022 Prof. Johannes Blümlein The unpolarized and polarized 3-loop anomalous dimensions from
off-shell operator matrix elements

(start: 15:00)

Prof. Ken Ono AGM and Jellyfish Swarms of Elliptic Curves
(start: 15:00)
Prof. Ken Ono Sato-Tate type Distributions for Hypergeometric Varieties
30-Mar-2022 Lukas Wögerer Kieperts algorithm for solving the general quintic

Nicolas Smoot

k-Elongated Plane Partitions and Divisibility by 5

27-Apr-2022 Prof. Armin Straub

Sums of powers of binomials, their Apery limits, and Franel's suspicions

4-May-2022 Ali Uncu Recent Progress in Cylindric Partitions
11-May-2022 Abilio de Freitas Three-loop QCD form factors
18-May-2022 Philipp Nuspl Positivity of C-finite Sequences
25-May-2022 Theresa Koefler Symbolic Local Fourier Analysis to determine the inf-sup stability of the Stokes equation
01-Jun-2022 No seminar


Nikolai Fadeev

Systems of first-order differential systems: optimal analysis and pre-processing


Nicolas Smoot

Silviu Radu

Some New Congruence Families and Unfamilies

On a Wrong Problem from Facebook


Koustav Banerjee

Inequalities for special functions and sequences

Veronika Pillwein

Turan determinants and symbolic computation, part II

Prof. George E. Andrews

Separable Integer Partition Classes