2023 Summer

Algorithmic Combinatorics Seminar and Computer Algebra Seminar (jointly organized), Summer 2023

Time: Wednesday, 14:00 - 16:00
Place: Seminar room castle, RISC, Hagenberg

Further talks within the two seminars will be scheduled on individual basis

All Seminars (Winter 1994-now)


Date Speaker(s) Title

(zoom talk)

Prof. Dr. George Andrews Further Aspects of MacMahon’s Partition Analysis
15-Mar-2023 Carsten Schneider Computer Algebra Methods for Feynman Integrals
22-Mar-2023 Nicolas Smoot

Localization Applied to a Genus 1 Congruence Family

29-Mar-2023 Dr. Walter M. Bridges Statistics for Unimodal Sequences
19-Apr-2023 Peter Paule The unreasobale effectiveness of computer algebra in the mathematical sciences
26-Apr-2023 Carsten Schneider Refined telescoping algorithms to reduce the degrees of the denominators within sums
3-May-2023 Nikolai Fadeev Computing Mellin representations and asymptotics of nested binomial sums in a
symbolic way: the RICA package
10-May-2023 Prof. Dr. Peter Kirschenhofer On some problems concerning the distribution of polynomials with bounded roots
17-May-2023 Lukas Woegerer Modular form applications for the Paule-Radu 'First Guess Then Prove' strategy, part 1
24-May-2023 Philipp Nuspl Algorithms for linear recurrence sequences"

Lukas Woegerer

Koustav Banerjee

Modular form applications for the Paule-Radu 'First Guess Then Prove' strategy, part 2

Jensen polynomials and the partition function

07-Jun-2023 Ralf Hemmecke Multi-SubAlgebra-Module-Basis-Algorithm in Progress
14-Jun-2023 Veronika Pillwein Orthogonal polynomial solutions of differential-difference equations
21-Jun-2023 Peter Paule/Silviu Radu How to compute PI fast
28-Jun-2023 Prof. Dr. James Worrell
(time: 13:30)
New Developments on the Skolem Problem