2023 Winter

Computer Algebra and Applications Seminar, Winter 2023

Time: Wednesday, 14:00 - 16:00
Place: Seminar room castle, RISC, Hagenberg

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Date Speaker(s) Title

Carsten Schneider

Carsten Schneider

Organizatorial items

The summation package Sigma

11-Oct-2023 Silviu Radu

Estimation of the error term in the asymptotics of multiple sums by using Computer Algebra

18-Oct-2023 Prof. Dr. William Duke
(UCLA, U.S.A.)

Integral and rational representations of forms

25-Oct-2023 Abilio de Freitas Symbolic challenges for the Form Factor
08-Nov-2023 Ali Uncu SMT solving partition identities
15-Nov-2023 Jakob Obrovsky The cases in which a Gauss hypergeometric function is algebraic
22-Nov-2023 Nikolai Fadeev The RICA package: a toolbox to compute Mellin inverses and asymptotics of binomial sums
29-Nov-2023 Silviu Radu
17:15-18:00, JKU
Algorithms and theorems for proving identities related to modular
06-Dez-2023 no seminar


Georg Ehling Unification in Quantitative Equational Theories
10-Jan-2024 Silviu Radu

On some computations needed in order to compute 1/Pi series


Ralf Hemmecke

Multi-Samba for 1/π (Part 1)

24-Jan 2024 no seminar

31-Jan 2024

Ralf Hemmecke

Koustav Banerjee

Multi-Samba for 1/π (Part 2)

On the unimodal sequences