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Title: Some families of completely monotonic functions.

Speaker: David Jeffrey (University of Western Ontario, Candada)

Time and Location: Thursday, February 20, 2020, 10:00
RISC Seminarroom, Hagenberg castle.

Abstract: I shall describe two families of completely monotonic functions.
One family is based on the Lambert W function, and splits into two 
subtopics, based on the two branches which take real values.
The second family is a two-parameter family proposed by Alzer and Berg 
in 2002. The question is to find the domain of the parameters, such that 
the function is completely monotonic. I gave a numerical approximation 
for one case in 2010, and this was improved by Berg and reported at last 
year's OPSFA conference held at RISC. I have new numerical and analytic 
results on this problem.